A framework vision towards the development of Sudan (2015-2025)


In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

 An invite to contribute in building Sudan and achieving its renaissance

Dear Brothers/ Sisters….

Sudan, like other countries in the area, faces great challenges in different forms and types. These challenges are political, economic, cultural and social challenges, in addition to the conflicts and wars that have burdened Sudan since its independence. These challenges have grown considerably following the split of the South. Also the developments that have inflicted the global and regional environment following the global economic crisis and the occurrences in the Arab region have caused a change in people’s awareness about the priorities of the nation and have changed the balance of the powers over the entire Arab world. The country, represented by its leadership, has become aware of these challenges. Consequently came the invitation of President/ Marshal Omar Hassan Albasheer for dialogue and national agreement to achieve peace and to ensure freedom of speech, maintain the Sudanese identity and achieve economic revival in the country.

On the other hand, the issues of economic and social development, water and food security, decrease of poverty intensity, training of youth, provision of job opportunities have been pivotal challenges that face many societies including the Sudanese society. In addition, looking forward to the future has made us call today, instead of tomorrow, for plans and programs that look much farther than what is available now. We need to present new ideas, innovative and non-traditional solutions for the difficulties faced by Sudan. We have to take in consideration a number of future variables including the widening gap in the race between nations, the increased need to improve, develop and increase the productive efficiency in light of the major competition in the world market and the ongoing search for water, food and energy sources.

This situation requires, without a doubt, intensifying efforts and collective national energies to employ the available resources and rationalize their use to ensure sustainability. This inevitably entails that every enthusiast to contribute with ideas, opinions and expertise in the building of Sudan future, because Sudan is going through a decisive phase that requires us to strengthen the efforts to build a strong nation that achieves welfare for its people and their humanitarian ambitions.

This is why we have decided to leave the political dialogue for the politicians, their parties and their organizations and have our support for the President’s call and his national reform plan in the form of a contribution to build the future Sudan by turning the society and the private sector into a launch pad for the progress of the nation around the development fields that support production and qualify the youth to develop their capacity to build the future Sudan and lead it. That is because social work and the private sector have become the axis for the economic and social development operation in most countries of the developed and under developing countries alike due to the advantages and great potential that qualify them to become the pioneers in various economic and social areas.

We are determined –God willing- to dedicate out time, expertise and exploit our efforts to a devoted work by society activities and through the portals of the private sector to achieve the revival and development of Sudan. The purpose behind this is to achieve the social and economic development, increase production efficiency, decrease poverty intensity and to provide new opportunities for youth employment and to prepare them to lead the future Sudan. All this is to be achieved between the periods of (2015-2025) within the framework of a comprehensive 25 year national strategy that will achieve the following goals:

  1. Secure progress of the country and its people
  2. Contribute to the development and awareness of the society
  3. Cooperate in good faith
  4. Providing models that lead to revival

Dear Brother/Sister…

This is an invitation to you to exchange ideas, consult and engage with us in this great work to achieve the noble goals, in a framework that supports and integrates with the state’s efforts to achieve a comprehensive national revival.

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